How Do I Design A Server Room?

How To Design A Server Room

To ensure your network always runs at an optimal level, you’ll need a server room that can support multiple users and masses of data. However, it’s not as simple as just placing all your servers in the same room and shutting the door behind you.

Your server room’s design will significantly impact your operations, so it’s essential to put extensive thought and planning behind its design.

In this blog, Tech Masters helps you design the perfect server room and explains why this is essential to maintaining a productive business.

What is a Server Room?

A server room is at the heart of every business and provides a centralized location for all in-house computer systems. These rooms can contain equipment that controls your computer network, data storage devices, and communication equipment that supports expected productivity.

If your business relies heavily on IT to operate, server rooms are necessary. These technology solutions help businesses access their storage and processing systems from one place, helping them conduct vital maintenance to maintain normal productivity levels.

Depending on the size of the business, server rooms can differ. Small businesses might not need extensive computer equipment, so they’ll only need a small server with limited equipment.

However, larger businesses with many departments and users in one building will need an extensive server room with supporting equipment like air conditioners and server racks to manage this advanced infrastructure.

Why is it Important for a Company to Think About Server Room Design

Servers prop up your business and ensure your stakeholders can access systems, and your employees can conduct their tasks. So, it’s vital to consider your server room design, as its design can significantly affect your technology’s efficiency, security and reliability. Here are some reasons why it’s integral to think about server room design:

  • Security: Any server room will be a hub for sensitive information about your business and its intellectual property, so it’s vital to consider your room design to incorporate proper security systems. You should think about surveillance and access control systems, as well as cyber security systems like virus protection and firewalls.
  • Compliance: In Canada, private organizations must comply with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), so considering the security design of your server room is essential for complying with this act.
  • Energy efficiency: Servers are expensive to run due to the energy needed to keep your servers running effectively. Improving your server layout with adequate ventilation with air conditioning and reducing unnecessary equipment can reduce the amount of money you spend on your energy.
  • Uptime: A well-designed server room will increase your server reliability and ensure little to no downtime in your systems. This means employees can always access online servers, maintaining optimal productivity levels.

How to Design a Suitable Server Room

Here’s a step-by-step guide to designing a suitable server room:

1. Plan Your Server Room and Computer Equipment Needs

The first step to designing your server room is to plan out your computer equipment needs. Not every business needs extensive equipment, so a server room can typically be customized to your exact needs.

To plan what technology you need, try to establish the purpose of your server room and determine your capacity requirements. This will inform you how many server racks you need and whether you need to install air conditioning, cable management systems and additional routers.

2. Include Temperature Control Measures

Computer rooms and server locations can get very hot with so many systems working simultaneously. While this doesn’t sound like a significant issue, a room with high temperature and humidity levels can permanently impact your equipment performance and even damage your servers. You should install cooling systems like air conditioners and adequate ventilation to allow humid air to escape.

3. Secure Adequate Power Supply

As mentioned, server rooms will vary in size, so your power supply requirements will differ from other businesses. You’ll need enough power and outlets to manage your operating and networking equipment. You should also secure a backup power supply during a power outage to reduce server downtime.

4. Ensure That You Have Adequate Security Measures In Place

Your data security is central to your business, so it’s crucial to create a server room that reinforces your data security.

Ensure that you implement access control systems to minimize unauthorized access that can limit the impact of severe data breaches, as well as CCTV so you can investigate data breaches thoroughly.

You also need to design your management systems to monitor your network and ensure no system vulnerabilities can result in cyber attacks. Tech Masters can provide comprehensive IT support in Edmonton that monitors your systems to reduce security threats.

5. Design a Sensible Layout to Manage Your Cables and Equipment Racks

The layout of your server room will determine how accessible your systems are. When you’ve collected the correct equipment, implemented security systems and included enough cooling and ventilation, you should plan the layout of your room.

Make sure you map out your cable layout to ensure no hazards and leave enough room between each equipment rack to allow hot air to escape. You’ll also need to install proper lighting for security reasons, ensuring CCTV cameras can detect suspicious activity.

6. Consult with an Expert IT Company in Edmonton

If you’re unsure of your server room design, consider consulting with an expert IT company in Edmonton that can optimize layout and equipment usage. A first-class IT support company like Tech Masters can help you design a server room that optimizes your daily operations, as well as help you reduce the impact of server downtime to maintain optimal productivity levels in your business.

Server Room Design by Tech Masters!

At Tech Masters, we believe that a well-designed server room is at the heart of optimal business operations, so we provide you with comprehensive server design and management services to keep your vital infrastructure running at all times.

We can continually upgrade your systems and help your server room scale to your business needs. We can also reinforce your cyber security with 24/7 monitoring and safety audits to reduce the likelihood of damaging cyber security breaches. Reach out to us today to learn how we can revitalize your server room.

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