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Server Design | Management & Maintenance

As your business grows and technology continues to evolve you must optimize your business so that it can run optimally. We will provide you with server design and manage and maintain your infrastructure, including hardware and software applications.

We aim to ensure that we continually upgrade your network systems so that you can achieve your business goals.

At Tech Masters Inc., we pride ourselves on building and maintaining an environment that suits your business needs:

Server Management Services

When it comes to running your business in Edmonton and Western Canada your focus is on ensuring that your company continues to grow and not paying attention to server management, until something happens. Server management might be one of the most important parts of your business’ IT infrastructure and needs to be monitored regularly to ensure it is being managed effectively.

At Tech Masters Inc. we design, install and manage all aspects of your servers and ensure that your servers are performing optimally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also conduct security audits to ensure your business is well protected and safe from any vulnerabilities.

Increase the uptime of your server and your critical business applications, and ensure the prompt recovery of lost data with Tech Masters server support, maintenance and system administration services.

We have partnered with Dell to offer you the best industry-standard solutions for your latest server builds.

Tech Master’s server management services include, server monitoring, server backup services, server cluster management, server OS patch management, server capacity planning, logon script maintenance and support, and service desk workstation support.

Network Management Services

Tech Masters Inc. provides complete support for your business networks such as the Local Area Networks (LAN) and the Wide Area Networks (WAN). We provide you with network maintenance, implementation of upgrades or patches, user administration, monthly status reports and more.

These services will help you understand your network performance and allow us to optimize it accordingly.  It will benefit your business not only to optimize the design but also the performance of your network to ensure an increase in your application performance, lessen downtime and ensure the network is running efficiently.

Our Network Management service offering includes monitoring and management of network components to improve your network response time and security.

Tech Masters Inc. offers firewall management and monitoring, wireless LAN management and monitoring and carrier performance management.

Storage Management Services

Data storage and management services provided by Tech Masters Inc. allows you to store data remotely or provide secure data storage on-site.

Increase uptime of storage systems and critical business applications and improve system response time with Tech Masters storage management services, which offer storage system management – including storage disk management, storage map maintenance, SAN port allocation and zoning, storage vendor support, performance monitoring and storage firmware upgrades.

Storage system monitoring and storage system capacity management services are also available.

Backup Management Services

Improve the security and availability of your data with our backup management offerings, which include backup system management and monitoring.

For many businesses backing up your data means meeting IT compliance requirements that can be heavily regulated especially in the healthcare and financial service sectors.

As a business, you don’t want to be worrying about data security breaches that is why Tech Masters provides multi-layered security to protect your data from unauthorized access.

Messaging Services

Improve employee productivity and server availability with our messaging services, which can provide management, monitoring and support of Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Exchange BES Server and Microsoft Exchange OCS/Lync.

Anti-Virus Protection Management

We proactively ensure virus disruptions are minimized to improve productivity and data security with monitoring and maintenance of centrally managed antivirus servers, reporting, checking logs for unusual activity and updating workstations.

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