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Tech Masters Inc’s managed hosting services provide our clients with dedicated servers and we manage these systems on their behalf. We provide our clients with server upkeep, resource monitoring, networking configuration, security updates, and operating system management.

With managed hosting services businesses can save time as they don’t have to worry about managing their networks, storage, servers and software upgrades, and focus more on their applications and data. We provide around-the-clock service and businesses will benefit from not having to hire in-house to manage hosting services making it much more cost-effective.

The main reason companies hire us to manage their hosting services in Edmonton and Western Canada is that when problems arise they are handled on the back end and rarely become a customer-facing issue. The stress is managed behind the scenes so that you can focus on running your business.

Managed hosting also allows your business to scale while saving on hiring skilled experts in-house and you can predict yearly costs a lot easier. In addition, you also protect your business from cyber attacks by encrypting data.

Our hosting solutions deliver a combination of traditional IT functions such as infrastructure, your specialty applications (software as a service), security, monitoring, storage, website hosting and email services over the Internet.

In this model Tech Masters owns the server infrastructure and depending on the client’s needs may also own and support the client infrastructure.

Hosting platforms efficiently distribute information and resources among employees, customers, partners and the general public. This approach enables customers to consolidate and outsource much of their IT needs for a cost effective, predictable recurring fee.

Hosted Service Providers benefit from economies of scale and operate on a one-to-many business model, delivering the same software and services to many customers at once.

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