Why Should I Not Use Free/Cheap Data Backup Solutions?

Why Should I Not Use Free or Cheap Data Backup Solutions

As a business, backing up all of your data can ensure that you don’t lose money or important information and it can ensure that your customers can trust you with their data. Though everything is becoming more expensive, the items that you should not penny-pinch and save on are data backup solutions.

There are many cheap data backup solutions out there, but none are as useful, safe, or secure as some of the best solutions in the industry. In this article, we’re going to go over a few of the ways that using cheaper solutions can cost you more money in the long run and may do more harm than good. Keep reading to learn more.

Bandwidth Is Not Cheap

When you pick an Internet Service Provider (ISP), you’ll find that they are unlikely to advertise their upload speeds. Providers do this because upload speeds are usually much slower than their download speeds, thus, it would make selling their services rather difficult.

When backing up your data, you use your internet services uploading function to create the backup. Even with a few terabytes of data, this can take up a lot of time. Also, if something bad were to happen and you needed to access your backup using your ISP, then you would end up needing to pay additional costs for bandwidth usage.

We recommend looking into upload speeds when hunting for an internet service provider. You may have to pay more upfront for quicker upload speeds, but it will save you money (and lots of time) in the long run.

You'll Be Exposed To Cyber Threats And Attacks

Oftentimes, less expensive backup solutions are not half as secure as the more expensive options. Because of this, you leave your business vulnerable to hacks and other cyber attacks. You risk losing important data, customer details, and privacy in an attack.

If you were to be hacked, you would spend lots of money restoring security, and may even end up paying legal fees if you haven’t stored people’s personal data correctly.

The cost of not securing data properly far outweighs the cost of paying for a slightly more expensive but much more secure backup solution.

It Will Fail To Protect Your Sensitive Data

To properly keep sensitive information secure, you need a backup solution that can encrypt your data, protects the data from breaches, and even prevent ransomware attacks. Sensitive data includes employee records, financial information, and much more. Keeping your data safe is about protecting your employees and your business.

Failure to protect this kind of data can result in penalties for your organization as well, and penalty fines will cost a lot more than paying for a more secure and expensive backup solution.

There Will Be Issues With Data Restoration

One of the main reasons to have data backup software is so that you can restore your data, should it be lost. Many cheaper solutions do not offer automated backup restoration, nor do they offer a way for you to test their backup restoration capabilities meaning, you could lose all your data and the backup could fail.

It’s not just data that will be lost if this happens either. Your brand reputation will suffer, and you may even end up with potential litigation due to the data loss. There are lots of regulatory and compliance issues surrounding how data is stored, meaning that choosing a premium option for data backup is in your best interests.

File Sync Should Not Be Considered An Alternative To Data Backup

When trying to keep costs down, many businesses mistake file-syncing software for backup solutions. Cloud backup or file syncing is only designed to back up the most recent file you modified. It essentially rewrites your file each time and offers no way to recover previous versions.

A backup solution is a much better choice for a full backup as it backs up your whole system, protecting you from the worst-case scenario.

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