Why Is My Internet So Slow All Of A Sudden?

Why Is My Internet So Slow

Most users accept that fast connections and low latency unaffected by low bandwidth are critical for home and business use. But troubleshooting slow internet connections can take time and a lot of effort if you lack the technical knowledge. Many causes can contribute to a frustratingly slow connection that might make you want to abandon a webpage. Without accurate technical tips from expert tech support, you might find it impossible to fix it.

So what are the crucial causes of a slow internet connection? Explore the main issues that affect your internet speed in this article to troubleshoot and restore your speedy connection swiftly.

5 Reasons Your Internet Is Running Slowly

Internet connections, Wi-Fi connections that run slowly are impacted by poor Wi-Fi signals from wireless routers or hotspots. But other important causes exist, from high bandwidth consumption to internet service provider issues. Troubleshoot incorrectly, and you won’t solve the issue. So here’s more information on the five reasons your Internet might be running slowly.

Poor Wi-Fi Signal From Wireless Routers

A poor Wi Fi signal on a device is a common cause of a slow internet connection. If your device is separated from the router by thick walls, floors, or obstacles, this can hinder your internet access. The main reason is that the radio waves from the router find it difficult to pass through obstructions. Likewise, if metal and magnetic materials obstruct the Wi-Fi signal to your device, you may notice a slow connection.

Even if you connect to a Wi-Fi network that is close to your device, make sure you check for obstructions. Removing these can increase your internet speed.

Mobile Devices May Need An Upgrade

One cause of slow Internet connections is the lack of device upgrades if you are connecting to the Internet on a cell phone. Old cell phones may have a different speed capability that does not align with the router or modem. Despite having an upgraded router, this won’t produce a high internet speed if the cell phone is old. For instance, you might notice that the phone hardware cannot generate a webpage and may attribute this to the site’s load speed.

However, if your mobile devices are outdated, upgrading is the best solution to enhance the Wi-Fi connection.

Malware May Have Affected Your Router

Malware is another issue that might affect your internet speed. It can compromise your network security and steal your data, which impacts your device’s memory. Malware also disrupts operations and causes damage to operating systems including Linux, Windows, and Mac affecting processing power and memory. With slow processing power, devices may experience delays when producing an internet connection.

Therefore, using multifactor authentication is crucial to prevent hackers from infiltrating your operating system with malware. Alternatively, seek the assistance of an IT support company that offers managed IT services to handle malware attacks. Our experts are on hand and offer IT support services in Edmonton, Alberta and across Canada.

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) Is Throttling Your Connection

Throttling caused by an internet service provider can cause latency in an internet connection. This issue happens when the ISP intentionally reduces internet speeds for specific traffic types, including video streaming or file sharing. Often, ISPs take this action to manage network congestion. However, there may be situations when they want to encourage you to subscribe to a more expensive plan.

With throttling, the data amounts transmitted over your network get significantly reduced, translating to poor internet speed. Therefore, it’s important to select a reliable internet service provider, use a virtual private network or content delivery network to store your data efficiently and reduce the data required over your network.

The Device Is Wirelessly Connected To An Old Router

If your device is wirelessly connected to an old router, you may also experience latency in your Wi-Fi connection. This issue happens because routers over five years old such as Wi-Fi 5 routers, don’t support the latest generations of Wi-Fi security. They also lead to increased risks of security vulnerabilities and a reduced capacity to transmit data over the network.

The simplest way to amend this issue is to diagnose the latency cause with the help of managed IT services and then upgrade your router.

Restore Your Internet Speed With IT Support From Tech Masters

Latency in an internet connection can hinder your productivity, but our experts at Tech Masters are available to help fix these problems. If you don’t have the technical expertise, you can trust our professionals to troubleshoot and resolve poor internet connections quickly.

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