Tips On How To Keep Your Servers Cool

Tips On How To Keep Your Servers Cool

Computer servers are a necessary part of protecting your data and keeping your business functioning at optimum levels, so it’s imperative for organizations to maintain their servers routinely to avoid issues with overheating that could endanger your data.

One of the ways you can look after your servers is by keeping them cool. Poorly maintained servers will overheat when operating, so taking constructive action and keeping your servers cool is essential. To find out how to do this, keep reading.

Utilize Low-Heat Lighting

Anything that generates heat in your server room can impact your server’s temperature, including your lights. Lighting systems, no matter what kind of system you use, will generate some form of heat.

However, some types of lighting systems will generate more heat than others, so if you notice that the lights that you use in your office or server room are much hotter than you would like, it might be beneficial to utilize low-heat lighting.

Incandescent lighting is primarily the main culprit if you notice your server room getting very hot, so consider replacing this lighting if you can.

LED lights or fluorescent tubes emit low levels of heat while giving you a lot of light, so these are ideal lighting options for your server rooms.

Utilize Cooling Fans

If you’re struggling to source adequate ventilation for your server room, then cooling fans are your friend.

Cooling fans can drastically reduce the temperature in your server room by blasting cool air at your servers. This is an efficient alternative to air conditioning and can be used as a more concentrated device to target overheating servers.

Keep The Room Clear Of Any Obstacles

If you have a lot of obstacles in your server room, you might be inadvertently trapping heat. Having lots of obstacles will interrupt the airflow around your server room, causing hot air to stagnate and build, leading to overheating servers.

Ensuring your server room is clear of obstacles and fabric items that can trap heat is the key to ensuring air can circulate efficiently around a room and escape if it’s too hot.

Select The Right Air Conditioning System For Your Server Room

If you can afford it, air conditioning is one of the best options for keeping your server room cool at all times. A good air conditioning system will monitor your room’s temperature and keep it at the optimal level around the clock.

Consider investing in industrial air conditioning if you have a particularly large server room. Although the up-front and running costs of air conditioning can be high, it’s important to remember that lost data as a result of faulty and overheating servers can be just as catastrophic.

Make Sure The Server Room Is Sealed Properly

One of the most important parts of keeping your room at a stable temperature for your servers is to ensure that the room is properly sealed.

This is even more important if you use industrial air conditioning, as a poorly sealed room will be unable to maintain a level temperature, resulting in the air conditioning having to work harder to achieve the ideal temperature.

A poorly sealed room will also likely let in warm air into your server room, making it harder for cooling fans or air conditioning to do its job. Ensure that your windows, doors and ventilation systems are properly sealed from the outside to keep your room at a stable temperature.

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