Everything You Need To Know About Frag Attacks

Everything You Need To Know About Frag Attacks

IT security is essential in this day and age. With everything from our work life to our shopping habits existing online, it is of the utmost importance to keep yourself protected.

In recent years, many new IT issues have been reported, including what is known as a frag attack. Frag attacks are a vulnerability found in WiFi coding that puts your company’s data at risk. Keep reading to find out more about frag attacks and how Tech Masters can help you.

What Are Frag Attacks?

The term ‘frag attack’ is a combination of the words ‘fragmentation’ and ‘aggregation’ and refers to an attack on a WiFi network. Twelve different vulnerabilities have been found in WiFi protocol, with some being design flaws in the protocol itself and others being programming errors.

A frag attack will either capture traffic going through unsecured networks to clone and impersonate their servers or inject plaintext frames that resemble handshake messages to open up the network.

Frag attacks are likely on many devices and are even possible on networks with WPA2 or WPA3 encryption. Many IT support companies in Edmonton along with IT support companies in Calgary have developed methods of protecting against such attacks.

What Kind Of Devices Can Be Affected By Frag Attacks?

Unfortunately, any WiFi device currently in existence is vulnerable to a frag attack. This is because the vulnerabilities lie in the base WiFi protocol that came into existence in 1997. On a more positive note, after these vulnerabilities were found, many networks developed security protocols to protect against them before the issues were released to the public.

How Can My Company Protect Itself From Frag Attacks?

A frag attack can result in lost data and an unsecured network. With that in mind, you must do your best to protect against them. While the support of an IT company in Calgary or assistance from IT support in Edmonton could be beneficial, there are a few things you can do by yourself as well to help protect your company from frag attacks. Below are a few methods on how to protect your company from frag attacks:

Ensure Your Security Is Up To Date

Many devices are now automatically updated, meaning any bugs are fixed by their hosts. However, some routers and other WiFi devices may need to be manually updated.

Update Or Replace Any Older Devices

Unfortunately, many devices stop being eligible for updates after a certain period. This leaves them vulnerable to frag attacks. Once your device has reached this point, you must update or replace it to keep it safe and secure. You should also ensure that any firmware upgrades for routers and smart plugs are installed to stay protected.

Secure Encryption

Many browsers are now updated to use HTTPS encryption, but to be safe, you could download an HTTPS extension to your browser. This will keep you protected while browsing online. Additionally, you could update your browser to alert you when logging onto a page that is not encrypted.

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