Cybersecurity in Managed IT Services: Protecting Your Business

Cybersecurity in Managed IT Services

Keeping your business protected from cybersecurity threats is a must. Security vulnerabilities can jeopardize your small business, its data, and its systems. Yet, implementing the right threat intelligence methods as a company can be challenging to keep your systems free from vulnerabilities.

With managed IT services, threat hunting, monitoring, and management can be a simpler process. Services such as these can implement efficient cybersecurity solutions to protect your business. If you are looking for more information about the specific services they offer, continue reading this article.

How Cybersecurity Threats Can Affect Your Company

Not only can cybersecurity threats disrupt your business operations due to IT systems downtime, but they can also come with expensive consequences. These threats can include ransomware attacks that often require businesses to pay financially to regain access to encrypted data.

Your customer information or business data is also at risk in these circumstances. If your business is affected by cybersecurity threats, any loss of sensitive data may result in non-compliance with your industry’s legal regulations. Legal action may be launched against you, which can lead to penalties.

Additionally, it can affect your customers and partners, meaning they may not readily trust your business to keep their data protected.

4 Cybersecurity Solutions for Businesses from Managed IT Services

Managed IT services can enhance your cybersecurity by giving your business access to advanced technologies and tools. Here are four cybersecurity measures managed IT services can offer your business.

1. Firewall Installation

Small and medium businesses can rely on managed security service provider (MSSP) companies to preempt cyber threats using firewall installation. This security solution carefully tracks and analyses the network traffic to check for threats.

IT-managed security services (MSS) will run installation files and configure the firewall settings to align with your company’s requirements. For example, they will specify the apps that the firewall will allow, establish which ports the firewall will permit, and establish rules to customize the level of security.

2. Mobile Device Management

The mobile devices your employees use as part of your IT systems require management to keep them protected. Monitoring and management, alongside security policy enforcement, can assist with sensitive data protection on mobile devices. It includes a few processes.

Managed IT security services will enforce policies such as encryption enablement and strong password setups. They will use methods such as advanced encryption standard (AES), generate encryption keys, configure settings, and establish the algorithm length to complete the process. With these methods in place, data remains secure despite unauthorized users gaining access to the device.

3. Incident Response for Security and Data Breaches

Managed IT services include a few specific incident response methods to mitigate the effects of security and data breaches. Threat intelligence methods such as log analysis and using detection systems can help spot incidents. These methods also involve reviewing the scope and likely impact of the security or data breach. To complete this process, IT services will complete forensic reviews.

Containing the incident by stopping malicious traffic on the network or blocking accounts that have been compromised is also crucial. For example, they may use anti-malware software or content filtering tools to block malicious Trojans or computer viruses and block access to malicious websites. These methods can reduce any additional cybersecurity threat damage to your systems.

4. Password Manager Implementation

To protect your business, managed IT service companies can complete password manager implementation by auditing your business and considering its requirements. After selecting a password manager option and reviewing the security gaps, the service will configure, integrate, and train employees to use the tool.

Business Cybersecurity Protection Best Practices IT Services Offer

In addition to these methods, there are several cybersecurity protection best practices managed IT services offer. With best practices, these services can elevate your system security more efficiently. Here are a few examples of the best practices they use.

  • Frequent software updates: Managed IT services can rectify software security flaws by ensuring applications remain up-to-date. This increased security is possible since recent developer updates involve implementing patches to eliminate the vulnerabilities. It means cybercriminals cannot gain unauthorized access to data through the secure software.
  • Segmenting networks: Security breaches can affect an entire network if they remain unnoticed. For this reason, managed IT services may take actions to segment the networks. For example, they divide the network into subnetworks that feature firewalls to monitor the traffic of each network. This best practice isolates systems that may have been compromised and reduces the impact of the breach.
  • Data recovery and backup: Frequent data backups and recovery can be important if your business loses data in a cybersecurity threat incident. Managed IT services can schedule and implement frequent backups to help you retain the data. For example, it can involve using cloud backup methods or offsite backups as an effective solution.

Methods such as these work best with advanced tools, such as external hard drives, cloud storage services, firewalls, and virtual local area networks (VLANs).

How Your Business Can Safeguard Its Digital Assets Against Evolving Threats

Cybersecurity threats can become more sophisticated as they evolve. Your business needs to be prepared to safeguard its digital assets against such threats. The best way to ensure your company remains protected is to be aware of the potential threats, such as phishing attempts, use unguessable passwords, enable an extra layer of security with multi-factor authentication, and use the right anti-malware software.

While you may be able to implement some of these strategies internally, you may find the process easier with supportive experts from managed IT service companies. These companies can implement all the required methods, understand the specific tools, and know the best practices to elevate your system security.

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