Comparing In-House And Outsourced IT Support

Comparing In-House And Outsourced IT Support

Getting the right IT support in Edmonton businesses often requires you to choose between in-house or outsourced options, which can be daunting. Despite the difficulties you may face when making this decision, avoiding downtime with the right type of IT support can save your business a lot of money.

So, what is the difference between in-house and outsourced IT support, and what are the benefits of these options? In this guide, we’ll explain the difference between in-house and outsourced IT support to help you make your decision.

What Does Outsourced IT Support Mean?

Outsourced IT support refers to working with a team of IT experts that fixes a technology-related issue externally. To ask for outsourced IT support, you can contact a company and arrange for an external team to fix the issue without them being onsite.

What Are the Advantages of Outsourced IT Support?

Cost savings are a top advantage of outsourcing your IT support. This option means you won’t have to train, offer benefits, or provide salaries to an in-house team.

Outsourcing IT support also means you can rely on experienced teams that can fix issues efficiently round-the-clock. With such constant availability, outsourced IT teams can fix outages as they occur, which ensures your business experiences less downtime.

You can also scale up your outsourced IT support depending on your budget since the price you pay is often based on each team member that uses a computer. With this option, you can align your outsourced IT support with your business’s size as it grows.

With a subscription to outsourced IT support, you can spend a fixed amount each month and easily monitor your budget as the cost doesn’t change. With a subscription, you can also use the services of your IT support more flexibly; when the issue has been fixed, you’ll be able to terminate the contract more easily than with in-house teams.

What Does In-House IT Support Mean?

In-house IT support refers to having a department of IT experts responsible for fixing IT-related issues within your business. You can hire and manage in-house IT support teams and ask them to fix issues onsite.

What Are the Advantages of In-House IT Support?

Just like outsourced IT support, an in-house IT team offers support quickly. You can easily request their assistance as they are present onsite.

Since they are onsite, in-house IT support can assist you with on-site server issues as they can physically see the problem. However, with many businesses shifting toward cloud computing and remote working solutions, they use on-site servers less and may not require in-house support teams to fix these problems.

Differences Between Outsourced and In-House IT Support

The main differences between outsourced and in-house support include the following points:

  • Price—outsourced IT support doesn’t cost as much as in-house IT support.
  • Availability—outsourced IT support offers more availability than in-house IT support and is accessible on weekends and evenings.
  • Efficiency—outsourced IT teams can efficiently fix issues and reduce outages with vast knowledge; in-house IT support teams require training to fix complex issues.
  • Scalability—it is easy to scale outsourced IT support; scaling in-house support teams may cost more and require additional training.

What Outsourced IT Teams Do to Solve Complex Business Issues

Outsourced IT teams can help you solve various complex business issues. As well as reducing hacking risks and mitigating data loss, outsourced IT support in Edmonton businesses can increase the productivity of your office. Here’s how these teams solve these issues.

Preventing Hacking

Outsourced IT teams put in place protection against types of malware and viruses using anti-spyware and antivirus software. They also manage antivirus servers and review logs to check for unusual activity.

Reducing Data Loss

Expert outsourced IT support may use encryption methods, assist with data backup, or install the software to mitigate data loss. They may also install protection to ensure your data is secure.

Increasing Office Productivity

Outsourced IT support can lessen downtime in your office, contributing to a more productive business. From running technology checks to making sure your computers function efficiently to ensuring your computers don’t crash frequently, support teams use many methods to increase your team’s productivity.

Remote and Presential Services from Tech Masters

Tech Masters’ expert team offers onsite diagnostic services and remote administration to help you enhance your business operations with top IT service solutions. From infrastructure design to project management to server farm management, we provide plenty of remote and presential services for your business.

Our anti-spyware and antivirus software solutions are industry standard, helping your business to reduce virus disruptions. With our team, you will receive the necessary protection to enhance your cyber-security defences.

Our professionals offer additional services such as device security investigation, server design management, and server maintenance, helping you enhance your devices’ security, keep your server systems running optimally, and ensure your server’s uptime is exceptional.

Are There Any Disadvantages to In-House IT Support?

There are a few disadvantages to in-house support. First, it is more expensive than outsourced IT support and may cost you approximately $18,000 monthly (just for a team of three people).

In-house IT support also only works during business hours. If you need support after office hours, your in-house team may be unable to solve complex IT issues.

Choose Tech Masters to Enhance Your Business’s Productivity

If you need excellent in-house or outsourced IT support in Edmonton to enhance the performance of your business, reduce downtime, or maintain your server, Tech Masters is the best option. We can help you keep your IT systems and technology functioning perfectly, so your business never experiences poor productivity.

Our team is here to help businesses like yours solve challenging IT issues. Reach out to the Tech Masters Inc. team today and learn more about our IT support. Whether you’re looking for presential or remote services, we can solve your needs!

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